Before working with Audrey & SleepWell baby, our family of 5 was being woken up 5-6 times a night; my husband and I had not had a restful or adequate sleep in over 6 months . . . Within 2 nights of working with Audrey, our little one had gone from 5-6 wakings in a 10 hour period, to 1 feed/waking in 12 hours . . . We found that our education about sleep and how detrimental it was for us and our baby to not have the proper rest we needed – THIS was what gave us the strength to be consistent, and not give in to our parent guilt or wrong ideas about babies and crying . . . You owe it to your baby, your marriage, your own sanity – get SleepWell baby, get educated, and GET SOME SLEEP!! It is worth every. single. penny.