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It is amazing how much happier he is during the day

“It is amazing how much happier he is during the day”

Our baby, Kieran, was an incredibly content newborn and slept quite well until he was about 3 months old.  Once he started teething, he was much harder to put to sleep and he no longer slept as soundly.  He started to reject sleeping in his bassinet, and we ended up reactionary co-sleeping for several months, which neither I nor my husband was comfortable with.  By time Kieran was 6 months old, we were putting him to sleep in his carseat for most naps and bedtimes, and if that didn’t work, we had to endure hours of crying before he would...

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In just a few days, our lives completely changed

“In just a few days, our lives completely changed”

Please describe your child’s sleep issues or why you contacted SleepWell Baby for help Our two boys regularly fell asleep around 10:30 pm, sometimes 11 pm. We thought they were just night owls, like we are. We spent a lot of money on evening babysitting when we needed to meet deadlines. And even after the sitter left, it would take us about two hours to get the boys down to sleep. We often fell asleep next to them. This was actually the most expedient way to get them to sleep, but it was not how we wanted to spend the...

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“It Was Life Changing to Say the Least”

““It Was Life Changing to Say the Least””

My husband and I became first-time parents in January, and with me breastfeeding our son we decided that mom and baby co-sleeping (bed sharing) was the best way for us all to get a lot of sleep for the first few month of his life. He used to fall asleep in his swing or on the nursing pillow until I was ready to take him to bed with me; however, when he got a bit older and was unable to fall asleep just anywhere, we needed to make the transition to the crib. Because he was so used to sleeping...

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