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“Teresa did it again!”

““Teresa did it again!””

"Teresa did it again! She saved us and gave me my sanity back! I met Teresa back in 2014 when she helped us with our then seven month old daughter. Since then my husband and I had enjoyed our evenings together and more importantly; I had a very well slept two year old! Fast forward to February 2017, we had our second daughter and with that came the expected newborn sleep survival period. In the first three months we did what had to be done to get sleep; rocking, car rides, etc. At 14 weeks she needed car rides to...

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In record time we were sleeping!

“In record time we were sleeping!”

I went back & forth on deciding to book a sleep consultant, finally on an exhausting day I thought it was worth a try. It was by far the BEST thing we could have done!!! Working with Sleepwell Baby and Teresa was amazing and so rewarding! I wanted to cancel before we even started but Teresa was a huge support and was by our side every step of the way. Teresa knew I was struggling with some post pardum anxiety plus a lack of sleep and she helped me get through it all!  Right from birth Addison would fight sleep,...

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To Moms and Dads Who’d Love for their Child to Confidently Go To Sleep On their own

“To Moms and Dads Who’d Love for their Child to Confidently Go To Sleep On their own”

"Our experience with Sleepwell Baby was amazing. It has literally changed the way our household functions from day to day, in the most positive way. With a busy two year old, it was getting difficult and tiring to get our 6 month old to sleep for naps and bedtime and these sleeps didn't last that long! I was physically and mentally tired! Sleepwell Baby changed that around in just a few days and baby now has long restorative naps during the day and will sleep 12 hours at night! Heather was always available to confide in, listened to our concerns,...

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