Beyond Sleep Family Strategies

The Parenting Foundations course is an online program for any parent with children at any age. In eight short weeks, individuals are guided through a series of short videos, articles, and reflection exercises that can be accessed whenever and wherever is convenient for participants.

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Lactation Services

Prenatal Preparation

30-minute educational opportunity via skype/facetime/phone call with tips and tricks for getting breastfeeding started out smoothly.  

$75 (Discounted to $50 when paired with Breastfeeding Foundations package)

Breastfeeding Foundations

This package is specifically tailored to your family’s breastfeeding needs right from Day 1 of your new little one’s life. Completely customizable plan for both mom and babes unique strengths and a great way to set the tone for your ongoing breastfeeding relationship.  

Package Includes:

·      1 hour initial consult via skype/facetime with 

·      30 min follow up consult via skype/facetime

·      Daily email support for 1 week

$300 for virtual or in the home (must be within 1hr drive from Delia, AB)

Addressing Lactation Challenges

Like any relationship, there are always changes and challenges that must be overcome. This package aims to support mom and babe through supply changes, growth spurts, clog ducts/ mastitis, night weaning, weaning and any other challenges you may be facing. It is designed to support mom and babe dyads who already have a well-established breastfeeding relationship. 

$ 150 for 30-minute Skype/Facetime call with solution focused plan development and daily email support for 1 week.

 Ongoing Lactation Support

For those moments when you just need a little extra support in your corner! 

$75 for 1 extra week of email support or (2) 15 minute follow up calls to support your success thus far.

Sleep and Lactation Bundles

 Bundle the Breastfeeding Foundations + Getting Ready for Baby packages for $540

Bundle the Breastfeeding Foundations + A to Zzzz’s for $836

Constance Herman

Constance Herman

Constance Herman is passionate about the importance of supporting parents. With two children of her own, she understands the challenges and rewards of parenting. Constance has been working in the area of parenting and early childhood development for over twelve years and has twenty years of public education and training experience. She has a Bachelor of Social Work degree and is a certified trainer for Nobody’s Perfect Parenting, Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting, and Healthy Start. Other certifications include Infant Mental Health, Motivational Interviewing, Critical Incident Stress Management, Working with Abuse Survivors, and Suicide Intervention. She is currently working on certification in a program called Self-Reg, which examines stress in parents and children and explores strategies to reduce those stressors. In her years as the Provincial Coordinator for a National Parenting Program, Constance is dedicated to staying up-to-date on information and science regarding child development and parenting. She has explored countless parenting programs and has identified a unique approach that guides parents through a process of providing key teachings, personalized reflection, and inspiration for positive change for families.

Teresa Johnson

Teresa Johnson

As a mom of three boys, sleep is an essential part of us having a (mostly) functioning household. My background is in child development, so I thought I knew more about sleep than the average mom going into parenting our first son. We struggled and fumbled our way through and it was only after I started my consultant training that I realized just how overtired he must have been his entire first year. Applying my knowledge to my other children has made a world of difference.

I’m the Operations Manager of Sleepwell Baby and Senior Sleep Consultant. I have my Child and Youth Care Worker Diploma, am certified in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy and have years of experience working in, and teaching, child development. I’ve helped hundreds of families become well rested and LOVE what I do. The families I get to work with are amazing and I love getting to know them and build relationships with them. I get to see them gain confidence in their parenting, reconnect with their spouse, and see parents and babies start to thrive when they can start to sleep well. I live in the country with my amazing husband in Southern Manitoba near Winnipeg. I mostly scrub mud off my children and disinfect my bathrooms in my “spare time”, but I can also cook up a storm and hold my own with almost any power tool.