Consistency is the best practice for keeping kids’ sleep on track while on a trip, whether travelling by car, train or plane. Be as consistent as possible with sleep schedule, routine and environment. It’s also important to handle bedtime battles and night wakings the same way as always (assuming you have a consistent response to nighttime challenges; if you don’t, perhaps it’s time to start — kids crave consistency), to send the message that no matter where they sleep, the same rules apply.

Of course, it doesn’t always seem that simple. When you’re travelling across time zones, adjustments need to be made to schedules, and you might wonder if you should put your kids to sleep according to the time zone at home or at your vacation location. Environments are naturally going to be different. Routines might have to change slightly. Travel times aren’t always within our control. But there is a lot parents can do to keep their kids sleeping well.

Read the complete article, as published in the Best of Baby Biz magazine, at http://bestinbabybiz.com/current-issue/ (page 19).

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