How to Prioritize Sleep In Your Baby’s First Year (Without Making Yourself Crazy)

When we work with families we often hear concerns about scheduling.  Many parents fear they will be held hostage by their child’s sleep schedule once it’s established, but in fact, the opposite happens.  Once your child has a consistent sleep schedule you will have some predictability and structure to your days as opposed to the…

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Traveling with Tots? 6 Sleep Products to Help Maintain Your Kid’s Sleep Routine

Many families travel during the winter, whether for a vacation to get away from the cold weather or to visit family for the holidays.  For parents with little ones in tow, your travel schedule doesn’t always coincide with your child’s sleep schedule, which can disrupt your child’s sleep routine.  We always suggest trying to schedule…

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5 Holiday Travel Child Sleep Tips to Avoid Cranky Kids

Does the holiday season tend to disrupt your child’s sleep schedule? The holidays tend to be a busy time of year, with shopping for gifts, visiting family, and staying up late to enjoy the festivities. All of the hustle and bustle can definitely have an impact on your child’s sleep, so here are some simple…

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