Tips For Bedtime With More Kids Than Parents

Whether you’re a single parent, or just find yourself flying solo at bedtime, having more kids than parents can make bedtime a challenge.  If bedtime is chaotic in your home, chances are your family isn’t resting easy.  Follow our tips for bedtime when you have more kids than parents for a smoother evening that will…

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Bedtime Sleep Tips for the Babysitter

Working through SleepWell Sleep Planning helps your children develop strong, independent sleep skills. One of the many benefits of having children who are great sleepers is that they can go to sleep for anyone, anywhere. Just as your child learned how to sleep during SleepWell Sleep Planning, with a little practice and consistency, Grandma, Auntie,…

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Printable Toddler Bedtime Sticker Chart

Bedtime routines are an important part of what we do here at SleepWell Baby.  The bedtime routine provides a cue to your child that sleep is just around the corner.  When we consistently carry out the same routine, each and every night, our children develop a sense of confidence about going sleep. If you find your…

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